Certifications provide great benefits in establishing the baseline skills required to perform specific jobs.  In the case of Configuration Management, the absence of college degrees makes CM certification credentials invaluable.  Certification helps prospective employers assess the knowledge and skills of job candidates.  Suppliers, contractors, service organization and customers build confidence in their CM capabilities when they require certification of all their consultants and employees.

In addition, certification proves CM Professionals with a credential to support their career path and the assurance they have the right skills, knowledge, and ability to implement CM in accordance with best industry practices.  And certification provides a clear path for organizations to meet the various CM requirements of standards and process initiatives.

Would you put your heath in the hands of a doctor that has never been educated, trained, and lacks credentials in the medical profession?  Of course not!  Likewise, an organization should never endure the risk of putting their most valuable information and assets in the hands of an untrained and uncertified employee. 

People that attend training and pursue certifications are demonstrating a level of commitment and passion to their profession.  And someone that is passionate about their job is someone you can count on doing a job right.


In addition to our training courses we also have a very successful Configuration Management certification program.  Our certification program is widely accepted as the gold standard for CM certification.  It is not a rubber stamp given at course completion.  You will earn our certification.  Nor is it an exercise in memorizing obsolete standards.  Our exams are based on good industry best practices.  Although optional, we highly recommend certification.  In the absence of college degrees for CM, and in light of the highly competitive job market today, our certification gives you an added advantage.

We now offer three levels of certification:

Level I CICM, Certified International Configuration Manager
  • A Fundamental-Tier Certification
  • No Prerequisites
  • Exam preparation given in Basic and Advance CM courses
  • Three Hour Exam
  • Interested parties can register to take the CICM Level I Exam at the end of the Advanced Configuration Management training course.  Level I testing will start at 1:00 PM and complete by 4:00 PM.
Level II CISCM, Certified International Software Configuration Manager
  • A Mid-Tier Certification
  • No Prerequisites
  • Exam preparation given in Software CM course
  • Two Hour Exam
  • The CISCM Level II Exam will be offered at the end of the Software Configuration Management training course.  LEVEL II testing will start at 2:00 PM and complete by 4:00 PM.
LEVEL III CCMP, Certified Configuration Management Professional
  • The Top-Tier Certification
  • Exam preparation given in Enterprise CM course
  • The new Level III Certified Configuration Management Professional Exam will be offered at the end of the Enterprise Configuration Management training course.  LEVEL III testing will start at 1:00 PM and complete by 2:00 PM.
  • Prerequisites:
    1. Level I & Level II certification
    2. Minimum 4 years CM experience
    3. Completion of Enterprise CM course
    4. Pass Level III exam.  Alternatives to exam: CM Project Paper or Grandfathering.

The names of certified CM Professionals is maintained in the ISCM (International Society of Configuration Management) registry.


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